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Asteroid is a fully-scriptable game engine. It can be used to create 3D scenes powered by Python scripts - and all associated scientfic computing libraries.

You can use Asteroid to simulate how 3D assets should behave in space. In the example above, a 3D model of a paper-crane moves around the scene; its behaviour determined by a Python script.

Create scenes in Asteroid, and preview how they'll look in an AR-context via the built-in camera portal. You can then export them out as an AR scene that's automatically added to an ARKit project. The project is ready to run on iOS devices via Xcode.

With Asteroid, you can easily import and use machine learning models, whether using Apple's CoreML or your own Tensorflow/Python scripts. Here we show an interface to an image classifier using CoreML.

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Note: You'll need to be familiar with Python scripting to create your own simulations.

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