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A visual prototyping tool for 3D human-machine interfaces.
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  • 3D models
    Directly import 3D models in almost any format from your favourite design program
  • Machine Learning
    Import CoreML models that can be directly connected to inputs and outputs through a node-based interface
  • Voice
    Design your interface to be responsive to voice commands
  • HMI Hardware
    Check out our crowdfunding campaign for human-machine interface hardware like eye-trackers
  • Reactions
    The building block of human-machine interfaces is a reaction - a 3D response to sensed input
  • Storyboarding
    Prototype sequences of reactions to guide a user down a certain path
  • Eye-tracking
    Connect to a camera to capture input from the user’s eyes
  • Adaptive Interface
    Use on-device ML to create interfaces that learn to adapt to their user
  • Drop into XCode
    With Asteroid, you can easily integrate the prototyped interactions into an existing iOS project