A fast prototyping tool to make interactive ARKit apps in seconds.

Drag and drop pre-built components from our asset store to build interactions in seconds. You can also combine them with JS scripts.

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Pre-made reactions

Combinations of objects, sensors and scripts. It could be a musical instrument, or a “smart” version of a regular object.


Fun ornamental objects you can drag and drop into an app for extra visual punch.

Icons and utilities

Find generic icons sets to use as utilities in your ARKit apps.

Asteroid is an interaction engine that allows you to create responsive 3D interfaces that are instantly functional.

With Asteroid, you can easily integrate the prototyped interactions into an existing iOS project.

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How do I get started with Asteroid?

Getting started guide

Download and import some reactions

Note: Although Asteroid uses Javascript scripting, it's completely possible to make an interesting AR app with no scripting at all.

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