Asteroid is an graphical dev tool for making augmented reality interactions.

It helps you create ARKit apps that understand and react to the environment around them, by combining game engine features with support for computer vision and CoreML.

3D Objects

Asteroid has a number of basic visual objects to add to a 3D scene:

Input Objects

Asteroid has some objects to handle

Logic Objects

Asteroid has functionality to handle the programmable aspects of creating an AR app:


A "reaction" is a building block of functionality that notices something happening via an input object, and triggers something happening in 3D. Reactions can be saved & shared, or loaded from the Asteroid Asset Store .

Export to iOS

Asteroid scenes can be exported into Xcode projects, which can be run as ARKit-ready apps on an iOS device. In the top toolbar, select "File-> Export to iPhone" to export your Asteroid scene into a generated Xcode project.

How do I get started with Asteroid?

Getting started guide

Download and import some reactions

Note: Although Asteroid uses Javascript scripting, it's completely possible to make an interesting AR app with no scripting at all.

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