Asteroid is an augmented reality dev tool that connects computer graphics with machine learning.

It helps you create ARKit apps that understand and react to the environment around them, by combining game engine features with support for computer vision and CoreML.
  • Lightweight Game Engine

    Asteroid has a number of basic visual objects to add to a 3D scene:

    • GameObject - a blank object to which you can attach scripts, etc
    • Mesh - a 3D object froman imported mesh file
    • Light - illumination for the 3D scene
    • Text Sprite - a 3D representation of text
    • Camera - a perspective from which the entire scene is rendered

  • Augmented Reality

    Asteroid has AR-specific features to handle sensor input:

    • CameraInput - object for accessing the video frames from your iPhone or Mac camera. Used in conjunction with the ARTracker object
    • Tracker - attach this to a camera input object to track faces or planes.
    • MicrophoneInput - object for accessing audio data from your iPhone or Mac's microphone
  • Scripting & Machine Learning

    Asteroid has functionality to handle the programmable aspects of creating an AR app:

    • Script - a Python script to control the behavior of an Asteroid gameobject, using the API.
    • Machine Learning - an object that provides support for CoreML models, displaying the models' inputs and outputs in a graphical way.
  • Graph Mode & Reactions

    "Graph Mode" provides an intuitive interface to relationships between objects in the Asteroid scene. It can be used to sync the value of e.g. the input of a CoreML model, to e.g. a frame of camera input.

    "Reactions" are bundles of trained CoreML models, script & 3D functionality that can be imported or shared. They can be created by syncing together different objects in graph mode.

  • Export to iOS

    Asteroid scenes can be exported into Xcode projects, which can be run as ARKit-ready apps on an iOS device. In the top toolbar, select "File-> Export to iPhone" to export your Asteroid scene into a generated Xcode project.

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