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Find 3D models, scripts, ML models and reactions to use in your Asteroid ARKit apps. All assets are free for personal use.

Steak Readiness Classifier
A model to tell you the degree to which a steak is cooked, or not.

Pasta Making Instructions Model
A model to instruct what to do next whilst making pasta.

Yoga Post Classifier
A model to label a Yoga pose whose name you would like to know.

Age Guessing Reaction
The 3D text in your scene will change itself to reflect the approximate age of a user.

Emoji Hands
Emoji style hands in various gestures. * .obj and .mtl files

Electronic Components Recognition Reaction
3D text in the scene will change to reflect the name of the electronics component seen in the camera.

Age Guessing ML Model
A model to guess the age range of the person in its view.

Emoji Faces
Various faces styled after emojis * .obj and .mtl files

Musical Note Recognition Reaction
Play some music near and see the notes playing described on screen.

Origami Crane
Simple origami crane

Candy Castle
The prettiest castle you ever did see.

Cooking Instructions Reaction
3D Text will appear to describe the next step to take in a cooking process.

International Power Plug Classifier
A model to show which country any power plug belongs to.

General Purpose Icons
Icons and models that will be useful in a variety of applications. * .obj and .mtl files

A variety of clouds for a variety of applications. * .obj and .mtl files

AgeNet Model
Age Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

Emoji Gesture Reflection Reaction
A cartoon hand will appear and reflect your or your user’s hand gesture - a Peace Sign, or an OK shape.

Gemmed Skull
A glamorous 3D skull * .obj and .mtl files

Electronic Components Classifier
A model to identify computer components.

Digital Egg Friend
A 3D friend for your 3D pocket. Don't let it die from 3D starvation.

Yoga Pose Identifier Reaction
The 3D text in your scene will change itself to reflect the current yoga pose it’s identifying from the camera’s input.

Surrealist Chemistry Set
A 3D, surreal chemistry set, for 3D, surreal applications. * .obj and .mtl files

Hand Gesture Classifier
This model will tell you the name of a hand gesture in its view.

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