Getting started

  • Download App

    To get started with Asteroid, download the Asteroid Mac app →

  • Walkthroughs

    To learn some of the common workflows you can do with Asteroid, check out our guide here →

  • Reactions

    "Reactions" are bundles of trained CoreML models, script, and 3D functionality that can be imported or shared. They can be created by syncing together different objects in graph mode. Check out some example reactions here →

  • Scripting

    If you'd like to utilize Asteroid'scripting capabilities, you can use the the setup script to install the Python framework, Asteroid module and all dependencies.

    Manual setup

    1. Python version : Asteroid relies on a framework build of Python installed via Homebrew located in a specific folder.

    2. Python module: To script with Asteroid, start by installing the Python module. The python module can be downloaded on Github →

    To install, simply run sudo pip install Asteroid-Module/ --upgrade

    3. Dependencies It has a few Python dependencies that it needs to work:
    pyobjc → py2app → pbxproj →

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