Getting Started

What is Asteroid for?

Asteroid is a cloud service that allows you to run simulations created in Unity. Some potential applications include:

Segentation. Suppose we want to train a convenet at being very good at segmenting a scene into it's constitutent objects - or even to consistently pick out one particular object.

Reinforcement learning. Training self-driving agents and control systems for robots require simulating intereactions with the real world. Asteroid can generate a number of variations on a basic physical environment, ideal for pre-training these agents to within a certain level of accuracy.

Agent training. We can use Asteroid to train a agent to identify winning strategies and act in a 3D envirnoment, even against other agents with complex strategies of their own.

How do I create an Asteroid Simulation?

For now, you need the Unity game engine to create simulations for Asteroid. It also requires some Python scripting. Check out the Unity guide for more information.

How do I run an Asteroid Simulation?

Start be creating an account and uploading your simulation.

To connect to a particular Asteroid simulation, you will need the simulation URL, and it's 64-character API key.

The output of the simulation is accessed via REST calls, but you can also use a python package that makes Asteroid compatible with OpenAI Universe.