Plugin Contest!

Alongside the latest release of Asteroid, we’re excited to announce our first Asteroid plugin contest!

For our first contest, we’re going to award $200.00 to the most creative plugin -it can be whatever you want! Whether it’s using Asteroid to visualize your machine learning simulation, or creating a cool 3D-graphics environment, the sky’s the limit!

What is a plugin?

With Asteroid, you can create plugins that are modular groups of scripts, 3D assets, controllers, and any other files for running an Asteroid project. With Asteroid, you can bundle these items up as a plugin for later use and for sharing with the Asteroid community! To get started with prototyping in Asteroid, check out the example projects we put together.

Creating a plugin

Once you’ve finished prototyping your scene, you can create your plugin by selecting a GameObject group in the panel listing objects (on the left-hand side of Asteroid), then click “Export”. The Asteroid plugin file and all associated assets will be saved in a new folder. Importing a plugin into Asteroid is just as simple - just click “Import plugin” and select the Asteroid plugin file. Make sure you select the file; not the folder that contains the file!

Submitting an entry

To enter, post your plugin on GitHub, and send a link to the repository to by March 8th, 2018 We'll tweet out the winner once submissions have closed!